Sunday, 5 June 2011

News and Lungs

I have great news:

I have been officially accepted to The Academy of Art in San Francisco for their MFA in painting program!!

I'm so excited about the fact that I will get to paint for almost three years straight and I just can't believe this day has finally come...there are so many ideas of projects in and out of school that I want to tackle. Life is just a flurry of activity right now. My classes start January 2012 and I plan on documenting all this through my blog (Hopefully I will get a website up and running this summer!) So look forward to even more art flooding these pages.

My thesis is going to be looking at the connections between technology and art. Since I have a big fascination of all things biology, I'm probably going to have a heavy emphasis on Bio-technology in my paintings. I have a list of things I want to study over the summer: skeletal systems, stem cell research, genetics, and nanotechnology. I've already found some amazing stuff online.

Today, I happened to come across pictures of avian respiratory systems, via studying bone structure. Supposedly, avian lungs have a series of air sacs attached to their lungs which are connected to their bones. In some cases, over 50% of the bone mass is used for storing air! How fascinating, this idea of breathable bones....

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