Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sum Of Her Parts

Sum of Her Parts

I have always been impressed with the phrase:

"She is more than the sum of her parts"

As if each of us are made up of blocks

Easily stackable

and easy to dismantle

Yet, even though you count

All of the digits -

Fingers, toes, eyes

Legs, Kidneys, Ears, and teeth

There is just something more

Even if you dissect each of her memories

Write them all down

Years by hours by decades

There would still be something left over

Something you missed

Like the moments she stole

Before work, to smell the spring air

Or that smile she gave to the

Person sitting across the bus

Moments upon moments

The in between times

That seem to slip by immeasurably

And even though

People try to "size" her up

There is always so much

Left unaccounted for

1 comment:

  1. We all carry more than our outer presence. Our beauty is the sum of our parts plus the character and spirit that is the beat of our heart, the thoughts in our head.... I love this poem, it is wonderful.