Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sh The Moon...Sh...Sh...The Moon

Sh The Moon...Sh...Sh...The Moon

(by Kasinda Shafer & Christina Marvel)

Do you Worship
That which you do not

Smoke rising from the
Fumblings of an
Imperfect dance

Bloodied rags of

Rivers of anguish
Rolling past regrets
Petulant servitude

Do you heap all
That upon your
Prostrate body?

Do you worship the
Struggle to "make it work"
The anguished leanings
To fit a face in the
Of Commercialism

What is Normal?
What is acceptable?

Do you strain your heart
To the rhythm of car alarms
Street Signs
The walking of foot traffic
Heading to their daylight

What do you worship?
What do you obey?

I see all these machinations under
The moons and I shout

"Not for me!"

I gather my pulled power
Around my shoulders
Like the cloak of a
Moonlit night

Around me are the
Celestial bodies of
My thoughts

My heart beating the
Movement of the cosmos

I walk into the night
I whisper "Sh...the moon...Sh..Sh...the moon"

(We are all stardust...)


  1. !! I was doing an online search for Kasinda...I'm an old college friend...yay, so happy to see her lovely handwriting.

  2. Actually, it was my writing, but yes, we do have similar handwriting. Kasi drew the pictures and just sent me the images and I painted them in and wrote the words. You can message me at christinamosher at gmail dot com and I can get you her email if you want. I'm sure she would love to talk to you.