Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sh The Moon...Sh...Sh...The Moon

Sh The Moon...Sh...Sh...The Moon

(by Kasinda Shafer & Christina Marvel)

Do you Worship
That which you do not

Smoke rising from the
Fumblings of an
Imperfect dance

Bloodied rags of

Rivers of anguish
Rolling past regrets
Petulant servitude

Do you heap all
That upon your
Prostrate body?

Do you worship the
Struggle to "make it work"
The anguished leanings
To fit a face in the
Of Commercialism

What is Normal?
What is acceptable?

Do you strain your heart
To the rhythm of car alarms
Street Signs
The walking of foot traffic
Heading to their daylight

What do you worship?
What do you obey?

I see all these machinations under
The moons and I shout

"Not for me!"

I gather my pulled power
Around my shoulders
Like the cloak of a
Moonlit night

Around me are the
Celestial bodies of
My thoughts

My heart beating the
Movement of the cosmos

I walk into the night
I whisper "Sh...the moon...Sh..Sh...the moon"

(We are all stardust...)

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Portrait Painting Class - Matthew

I was able to get the first layer down for my portrait class tonight. We had an incredible lecture on color and how to paint light, so I will be trying to write down all my notes and get that into it's own separate blog entry.

For now, I'm going to crash. Getting up at 6 am to sketch comes pretty early.

Tally ho!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Oishi Renkei

There is a space between
Your breath and my breath
Where limitless possibilities collide

What can we say about connection
But that it is a collaboration
Of souls:
A Storm created
By the updrafts of love.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

More to come...


Lonely is the road you do not wish to travel on
Lonely is the life you do not wish to live
Lonely is the day you feel that has slipped from your grasp


Perhaps it only takes one step
Off the beaten path
To find

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Zen and the Art of Measured Drawing

I have now dubbed my professor Doug Norman the Zen Master of Measured Drawing. I don’t know if it has anything to do with his skills, per say, but this man just really exudes calm when he creates a class…and I mean creating, because there is a way that a teacher can create a beautiful environment for learning. He’s always telling us to slow down our process. Don’t jump the gun; Stick with the structure until you’re absolutely sure it’s correct; Always compare; Always measure.
I was thinking about this last night and realized that I often rush my pieces because sometimes I get so excited and I’m afraid I might lose something…some insight or color, that I rush to capture it all and miss some critical details. While this works well for writing a poem, it does not work well for measured drawing. It uses a completely different part of the brain, in fact.
This had me thinking about mental space last night and how I could cultivate a sense of patience in my artwork and I thought about making this mental “bubble” of sorts when I approach painting. It was kind of like convincing myself that I’ve just entered this magical land where time and schedules and responsibility does not exist for a moment….
And the funniest thing happened…I stopped stressing about the drawing. I just experienced it.
To many, I’m sure this comes very easy, but I really had to draw from my experiences with meditation and yoga to try and cultivate this…but once I did, it was well worth it.
I’m starting to see art as an experience, not just me creating works…and from that sense of gratitude; I have found there truly is a Zen to measured drawing.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Sepia Love

Some days I can smell
The rich oaken scent
Before the ink pot is even opened;
While pens and brushes are singing
For a pair of hands,
A gentle eye.

It always makes me tremble
To see the beauty
In one strong line
Etchings into paper

Space within space
Forms rising from nothingness…

I am overcome.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Oishi Renkei

I am now working on a new experiment in shape, color, and form as representation of spiritual principles. This is Oishi Renkei...the delicious connection we have with others, and not just a connection, but the ability to "work together on a shared vision".

I feel so incredibly lucky that this muse came upon me late last afternoon.

I will post more as it becomes a finished piece....