Friday, 14 January 2011

The week is almost over....

Tea Break

Some days just seem to take me
Morning rushing into the office
Bits of sleep-smell quilts still clinging to my face
Bodies like machines, churning works
And wonders
And I don’t get to feel right again until
That mid-day break.
The moment opens like a door
Fast scented smells of roasting coffee and tomato soup
Reaching greedy hands into my brain, urging
To take a space, a time, a small window
To smile
To stare out
At grey skies, the bicycles, the bodies
And wonder at all the other
Machines rolling on through their day.

Yes, some days just seem to take me
But I escape,
Often into paint, tea, and dreams
(In no particular order)
And the moment of escape is so soft
So inviting
That I cannot help but be thankful
Of the chance to have something to escape from.

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