Sunday, 30 January 2011



The sunset brings a heavy sigh
From cold lips rising to dried rose hips
Dusty with last year's fall clinging to dried red pods
A. Gentle. Kiss

The ocher leaves seem to crumble
Under the weight of this late winter sunset
Like the heavy beats of my heart
In. This. Moment.

A soft grieving of daylight
Lays on my fingertips
And I urge to capture this moment
A. Futile. Attempt.

I mimic sunlight and tree
But there is a loss of the sounds
Of my nervous system
A. Lost. Heartbeat.

In some ways I feel lucky
Lost in one mad moment
I am alone in this wildness, yet
Not. So. Far

From many of you
Lost in your mad moments
With breaking hearts in
A. Perishable. Paradise.

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