Sunday, 30 January 2011



The sunset brings a heavy sigh
From cold lips rising to dried rose hips
Dusty with last year's fall clinging to dried red pods
A. Gentle. Kiss

The ocher leaves seem to crumble
Under the weight of this late winter sunset
Like the heavy beats of my heart
In. This. Moment.

A soft grieving of daylight
Lays on my fingertips
And I urge to capture this moment
A. Futile. Attempt.

I mimic sunlight and tree
But there is a loss of the sounds
Of my nervous system
A. Lost. Heartbeat.

In some ways I feel lucky
Lost in one mad moment
I am alone in this wildness, yet
Not. So. Far

From many of you
Lost in your mad moments
With breaking hearts in
A. Perishable. Paradise.

Monday, 17 January 2011


I think this is all the time I'm spending on this one. I wanted to see if I could transfer an oil painting solely from a sketch. While I learned a lot about value, I think I lost some essential information by not having the model there as inspiration. It was like having to resurrect the stories of a person when all you have is a stack of old photos....not very truthful in the end, even if the journey was fun.

So it seems I'm a little behind my goals for last month, so I have some catching up to do. I'm kind of excited to work on a city piece's a diversion, really, while I figure out what still life I'm going to do this week...

I'm debating on flowers.

Friday, 14 January 2011

The week is almost over....

Tea Break

Some days just seem to take me
Morning rushing into the office
Bits of sleep-smell quilts still clinging to my face
Bodies like machines, churning works
And wonders
And I don’t get to feel right again until
That mid-day break.
The moment opens like a door
Fast scented smells of roasting coffee and tomato soup
Reaching greedy hands into my brain, urging
To take a space, a time, a small window
To smile
To stare out
At grey skies, the bicycles, the bodies
And wonder at all the other
Machines rolling on through their day.

Yes, some days just seem to take me
But I escape,
Often into paint, tea, and dreams
(In no particular order)
And the moment of escape is so soft
So inviting
That I cannot help but be thankful
Of the chance to have something to escape from.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Snow Day

There is a moment during the first snow fall
Not the light dances of flakes that happen in December
But the glorious world-stopping storms of January;
The first thick blanket that descends from the grey sky gods
As you snuggle in golden homes
Brightly tucked in with the whistling songs of Borealis
With cats curled like pill bugs
And steaming mugs that warm a smile on your face.
It is a moment full of reconnection
Full of letter writing, old movies, pictures pulled out of boxes
A time of memories and sadness, but happiness too
Because it’s this first blanket that marks the end of things
And also a beginning:
A darkening of last years plants and plans
So that in the spring, under dark decay
New growth can sprout anew.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Love Affair

A friend asked me what my love life would look like, so I drew a grizzly bear. I figured it had to be ferocious and all great love stories are.

Experto Crede

I carved a rune on our sunlight Saturday
A wish of Wunjo in the light.
You spoke of novels, like architecture
How can this moveable story
enter into another?
Is a generation a machine
Or are we merely self-imposed experts
On the colors we see?