Thursday, 2 December 2010

The Crunch Begins

I just realized that I have less than three months to prepare my portfolio for grad school. I’ve come a long way with my sketching, but I need to crank out some paintings to show I have the fundamentals to get into grad school. Oh, bucket lists how you save me!

I figured what I can do is write everything I need to do here and then show my progress once a week.

Here’s what I want to do:

• Three strong portraiture paintings (with one of them monochromatic)
• Two landscape (one nature, one urban)
• One still life

It’s ambitious and I will have to be working on multiple projects at once. I think I’m going to
take a nice 5 day weekend off in January to get a winter landscape done, plus finish up what loose ends I have.As of right now, I have 5 oil paintings, 2 ink drawings, 3 Graphite drawings, 3 Charcoal drawings, and 1 Watercolor painting. That’s 14 works with 5 of them being portraits. With the 6 I have planned, it will bring me up to 20 works.

Phew, who would have thought I could have done all this!!

Ok, So these are the steps I will need to accomplish all this:

1. Start converting my current sketches from figure studies class into oil sketches as practice this week.
2. Buy some good flood lamps for the studio (mix of incandescent and fluorescent)
3. Make a canvas carrier out of foam core for transporting paintings during my trips.
4. Find three models (I’m debating on paying professional models here)
5. I will need for each model – at least 6 hours. 2 hours of sketching time to make an extended sketch for reference, and 4 hours of painting. Since most models take 30 minute poses with 10 minute breaks. I will need either 2 x 3.5 hours sessions (breaks included).
6. For each portrait painting, I’m estimating 4 hours of additional painting on my own, with sketches as reference.
7. The Landscape paintings should be able to be done in one session. I can do one of them in Columbus, I just need to find a good location so I can get warm frequently(perhaps paint from a friend’s window). I could also think about taking a road trip down south and couchsurf with someone while I get these done. I will have to look into my options.
8. I would like to get a nice skull for a still life. (Looks like that will be my first Solstice Gift to myself!) I was thinking I could do a fabric study, with skull and dried seed pods as a still life. This is something I could work on in my extra time at the studio at home.

I have 12 weeks to get all this done. So breaking down the weeks:

Week 1 (12/5-12/11) – Finish Figure study class, start doing oil sketches, build canvas carrier, buy lights, reach out to models and schedule times, buy a tube to carry around sketches, buy still life materials (skull, fabric, dried flowers).

Week 2 (12/12-12/18) – Start doing preliminary sketches on Model #1 (it’s my husband, he just doesn’t know it yet!)

Week 3 (12/19-12/25)– First Monochromatic painting started (I’m off for Christmas, so I will have plenty of time to devote to this first piece). Spend some time setting up still life and starting on that.

Week 4 (12/26-1/1)– Finish Monochromatic painting and finish still life

Week 5 (1/2-1/8)– Start sketches with Model #2

Week 6 (1/9-1/15)– Finish painting with Model # 2

Week 7 (1/16-1/22) – I have Martin Luther King Day off, so taking a week vacation that week.
Complete both landscape paintings on that week. Schedule time with last model.

Week 8 (1/23-1/29)– Work on sketches with Model # 3

Week 9 (1/30-2/5)– Finish painting with Model #3

Week 10 (2/6-2/12)– Spend the week finishing paintings

Week 11 (2/13-2/19)– Work on taking photos of works. (Need natural lighting lamps and diffuser)

Week 12 (2/20-2/26) – Write essay and complete the application.

Well, here goes, let’s see what I can accomplish!

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