Monday, 19 July 2010

Apology Letter to a Body

Dearest body,
I am sorry I forgot about you;
I forgot how you clothed me
Sheltered me
Moved me through my life.

Many times I just left you on the shelf,
Or clinging to my skirt:
Feet clanging on the street
Sparks Flying
I could hear your cries
Yet, I did not

I am sorry I did not love you
On the days you needed it the most
Dragging you through what I thought we needed
Not heeding any of your whimpers.

I am sorry I did not celebrate you
When you came through for me;
The works of your hands
Or the way you love to dance
I should have sang you hymns
And praised your efforts

Instead I selfishly took all the rewards

I am sorry I did not think you were beautiful
I listened to all those who said you were worthless
I never said a kind word about your frame
I never rejoiced in your beauty

I am sorry for all the abuse I piled on you
For all the people I let hurt you

I am sorry, my love, I am sorry…

In every sense I have failed you
Yet I see you
Even now, loving me despite it all.

You say, “Let’s start anew”

And I say, thank you…
Today will be our first day together:
I will love you tenderly,
For you are my greatest confident


For my whole being depends on it.

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