Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Goyan Musings

When I was a young girl
I would dream of witches:
Haggard cackling monsters laughing
At my mundane stumbling through life.

I remember being so scared when a friend told me,
After the confession of my love of spiders,
That only witches love spiders:
I trembled as I saw myself growing older
Darker, more wicked and cried.

Now that I am older:
A Witch -
But none too dark -
Or scary;

I laugh at the the old fears
Of the monster I was afraid to become.
Now my nightmares
Are friends, companions,
Blithe, laughing spectres;
Finding humor in the rediculous uncertainty of life.

Some days I wonder if fears
Are merely doors -
That open to the dreams
We so secretly desire…

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